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GMEMCO is located in New Delhi, India. We are a well-established company in the field of Manufacturing and Trading Medical & Surgical Instruments, Diagnostics and Sundries. A well-known name for quality surgical/hospital appliances and allied products.

The man Behind the success of Gayatri House under which GMEMCO is flourishing is Mr. Narinder Behl who has manufacturing and Trading experience of 32 years in the field of surgical equipments and scientific appliances. His single minded devotion to work, vast knowledge and insight went on leading the organization forward, which resulted in tremendous growth of the organization.

We are looking for importers and distributors of our products. If you or your company is interested in our products, please contact our Delhi Office, Mr. Ashwani Behl. The Items are listed in our products on Home Page.In case, you do not find your specific requirement, you may send us e-mail writing your requirement, we may be able to supply the same.

Macintosh English Blades
Miller English Blades
Macintosh American Blades
Miller Blades
Macintosh Blades
(English Type)
Miller Blades
(English Type)
Macintosh Blades
(American Type)
Miller Blades
(American Type)


Macintosh Blades (American Type)
Macintosh Blades (English Type)
Macintosh fiber Optic Blades
Miller Blades (American Type)
Miller Blades (English Type)
Robertshaw Blades
Wisconsin Blades



Aneroid apparatus used for measuring blood pressure


Rubber Products

Air Rings / Cushion
Airway Tubes
Chloroform Bellows
Macintosh Sheet Rubber Supported Cloth
Rubber Bulbs / Sphygmomanometer
Ice Bags
Irrigation syringes
Laboratory Rubber Tubing
Ryles Tubes
Stomach Tubes
Hotwater Bottles


Vaccine Carriers

Vaccine Carriers
Vaccine Carrier (Capacity 4.5 ltrs)
Vaccine Carrier (Capacity 30 or 40 ltrs)
Vaccine Carrier (Capacity 1.6 ltrs)