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Kellys Douche Pad (Rubber)

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Kellys Pad is use while delivery.

 B.P Bag is made up of quality rubber of RSS1X & other chemicals supplied by reputed chemical companies of India.



Description Of Sizes
Size Length(mm) Breadth(mm)
Large thigh 500 175
Small thigh 380 175
Adult arm 225 125
Child arm 180 100
Infant arm 120 60
New born baby arm 80 25
Description Of Testing
Tests Result Obtained Requirment as per IS: 3390-1988

Tensile Strength (Kg/Cm2)

a)  Before ageing
120.00 105.0(Minimum)
b)  After ageing for 168 hours at 70 + 1OC
c) Reduction(%)
12.5 20.0(Maximum)

Elongation at Break(%)

a)  Before ageing
425.00 400.00(Minimum)
b)  After ageing for 168 hours at 70 + 1OC
c) Reduction(%)
12.94 20.0(Maximum)
Note: Tensile testing have been carried out on Instron 4301UTM.