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Medical Equipment
(Stainless Steel Hospital Wares)

GAYATRI HOUSE is a name recognized with quality in the field of stainless steel hospital, medical and surgical equipment and ware. We feel proud in offering reliable quality, dependable delivery schedules and competitive prices to our customers.

Products available in Stainless Steel :

  • S. S. Patient Diet Utensils - dinner cups and bowls, dessert plates, , rice tray, serving bowls, tiffin plates, meals plates, , water jugs, plain casseroles, insulated water jugs serving dishes, service tray, service spoon, tea / table spoons, water glasses, tea glasses, bedside trays, compartment trays, insulated casseroles, , insulated tea urn, etc.
  • S. S. Autoclaving trays, boxes, cases with perforation on any side.
  • S. S. Dressing Drums - seamless and semi-seamless (improved corrosion resistance).
  • S. S. Appliances for Water Storage and Heating - water drum with tap, water drum with heater and tap, water geyser, water filter with ceramic candles.
  • S. S. Furniture - beds, trolleys, stands, lockers, tables, etc.
  • S. S. Instrument Sterilizers - electric and automatic.
  • S. S. Trays - instrument tray, catheter tray, kidney tray, kidney dish, baby bath tray, cidex tray.
  • S. S. Fabricated Trays to customer specification.
  • S. S. Patient Care Items - bed pans, urinals, sputum mugs, irrigators, feeding cups.
  • S. S. Hollowware - lotion / solution bowls, ointment jars, wash basins, buckets, mugs, jugs, thermometer jars, forceps' jars, dustbins, gallipots.
  • S. S. Autoclaves
Stainless Steel Hospital Wares
Stainless Steel Hospital Wares
  • S. S. Suction Apparatus
  • S. S. X-ray Tank, X-ray ViewBox
  • S. S. Bowl Sterilizers
Products available in Aluminium :
» Dressing jar with cover
» Instrument tray with cover
» Urinal male/female
» Kidney tray
» Instrument tray
» Bedpan slipper shaped perfection
» Case sheet book type
» Spirit Lamp
» Tongue Depressor Lack's
» Syringe Cases
» Douche can
» Catheter tray with cover
» Sputum
» Case sheet wall type, single
» Foetal Heart Stethoscope
» Test Tube Stand