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Our Stethoscopes are light weight complete with binaural frame fitted with plastic Ear pieces (Knobs), PVC (vinyl/Rubber) tubing & double sided - Open and Diaphragm Chest pieces. Each stethoscope is provided with one set of spare Ear pieces and a diaphragm. 

Stethoscopes and spare parts can also be supplied under individual labels. 

Pinard Foetal Heart Sthethoscopes in plastic and aluminium too are available at competative rates.

Please send us your specific requirements and we shall be glad to send our C.I.F. rates and samples. 

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Littman Type
Image Not Available

Model No: GHST001


Model No: GHST002


Image Not Available
Image Not Available

(Dual headed, Light weight Aluminium
Chestpiece, External non chill Ring.  )

(Tool finish Strong dual headed Aluminium
Chestpiece with built in non chill ring. )

Model No: GHST003
Model No: GHST004
Image Not Available
Image Not Available
(Durable dual headed aluminium chestpiece,
electroplated. Built in non chill ring.)
(Durable Aluminium dual headed chestpiece,
anodised, external rubber non chill ring.)

Model No : GHST005
Image Not Available
(Grey/Black painted dual headed
chestpiece external rubber non chill ring.)