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Blades- Surgical, Scalpel, Bistouris & Handles

Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

GAYATRIHOUSE is actively involved in producing number of medical/ scientific/ surgical equipments. We have a wide range of sterile surgical blades being manufactured in-house. The surgical blades include a range of applications such us lasik, laproscopic, arthroscopic, endoscopic/laparoscopic, diagnostic, ophthalmic, orthopedic, plastic surgeries , catheter cutting, endoscopic, skin grafting – demanding applications that call for flawless precision. Each blade is engineered to our customer's critical performance tolerance specifications.

Basic features of GAYATRIHOUSE Branded sterile surgical blade, which attract attention of customers are :

  • Consistent Sharp Cutting Edge – German designed machines to provide uniform smooth grinding.
  • Perfect Handle Slot Fitment – CAD designed press tools for exact micron matching.
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning – Cleaned with the best of ultrasonic cleaning machines using German chemicals.
  • Ultimate Safety – Sterilized by Gamma Radiation to a minimum dosage of 2.5 Rad as per IS 10150 :1981 BIS  standards.
  • Long Storage Life – Individually packed in aluminium foil with VCI paper for extra rust protection.
  • Easy Availability – Large distributor network and focused marketing to ensure regular availability.
  • Design Flexibility – In-house facility to undertake production as per customer’s specifications.
Surgical Blade